Furniture Delivery Northwest Arkansas

Finding a reputable NWA Delivery Company with a great track record and top rated reviews is your best bet for a great delivery experience. B2 Moving is a locally owned, family operated delivery and moving company with 5 STAR Reviews. Our well-trained, professional movers will happily assist you in all of your delivery needs. We can pickup and deliver your furniture purchase from any retail outlet in Northwest Arkansas.

NWA Furniture Delivery
Tips to having a great delivery experience
  • Find a Trustworthy & Reliable Delivery Company: How do you find one? Friends and family recommendations are always a great place to start...or just Google "furniture delivery near me" and be sure to read customer reviews on those companies... You can find what B2 customer's are saying by googling "B2 Moving Reviews". This will return all websites that have reviews on B2 Moving e.g. Google, BBB, Facebook, Yelp, etc.... Customer reviews tell you a lot about a company. Did company do what they said? Did they call you back? Did they show up when expected? Were they honest and trustworthy? Were they easy to work with? Where they friendly and courteous? You will learn the answers to a lot of these questions when you study a companies customer reviews.
  • Look for Transparent & Affordable Pricing: Reading customer reviews is a great place to start again. Look for transparent pricing information on company website. During quote process, be sure to ask lots of questions about other fees. At B2, we believe in transparent and simple pricing because we know it's one of the first considerations in planning and budgeting a smooth delivery. It's also why we publish our base pricing on our website, even when all other local delivery companies do not practice this. You can count on us for being affordable and consistent with our pricing, doing what we say and not surprising you with addition fees and charges.
  • Look for Good Communications: At B2, Jesse or Adam "Owner/Operators" will answer the phone when you call and will be part of your delivery until it's complete. Be cautious when companies pass you off to different departments or even other companies as it relates to your delivery. These hand offs create complexity and poor communication back to you, which lead to issues and a bad delivery experiences. Feel confident that when you use B2, we will be on top of all aspects of your delivery and the communications back to you.
  • Validate License and Insurance: Delivering heavy furniture carries lots of liability and risk. Be sure you are working with a legitimate business that has insurance and proper authority to operate in your state. You can do this by looking up company on FMCSA website or your State's Department of Transportation's website. B2 Moving DOT #: 3219041 / MC# 1006995 / AR Authority # M-58463
B2 Moving Quotes - 3 Easy Steps:
Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

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"Every job we do, we strive to leave a good name. Our highest honor is when our customers recommend us to their friends and family." -Jesse & Adam / Owner-Operators

If you haven't used us before, give us a call. We believe in exceeding every customer's expectations and we would love to earn your business.