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Moving Tips

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Quote Tips and Resources

  • Ask your Friends & Family. Especially if they have used movers in your area before.
  • Google movers near me and look for 5-Star ratings and authentic movers based on website and online profiles. Companies that post real pictures of their team online show that they are proud of their team.
  • Get multiple quotes from reputable moving companies. Read this article to help your search: Getting Reliable and Accurate Moving Quotes
  • Expect it to be Easy & Quick: We love that you called us, so expect a friendly voice & someone that wants to help right away.
  • Expect Price Transparency: High level estimates are given openly & transparently within minutes of our 1st conversation. To our knowledge, we are the only moving company in Nortwest Arkasas that post our hourly rates online and offer guaranteed binding estimates for both long distance and local moves. We do this because we can stand behind our estimate accuracy & service levels.
  • Expect Free Consultaions & In-home Walk Throughs on request. They take less than 20 min to complete. Done same or next day based on your availability.
  • Expect Guaranteed Estimate Emails: If you spend time giving us information about your move, we will capture those details and give you on the spot min and max estimates that we will stand behind. We will also email you those details and we do not even care if you send our communications to our competitors because we know we are competitively priced and we believe we can offer a much better value because of our crews and culture.
  • Expect Easy Booking Confirmations: To book your move with us, simply tell us over phone, email or text. We will confirm everything with you in writting and ensure your spot is locked on our calendar.

Booking Tips & Resources

  • Is your company authorized to do business by the Department of Transportation? If so, what's your DOT #? If a company's DOT # is not prevalently displayed on their website and/or trucks this can be a red flag. Companies that are not in good standing with DOT rules and regs put you and your belongings at risk.
    To validate DOT Compliance and Proper Insurance Coverages: click here to run a DOT # Lookup B2 Moving's DOT # is 3219041
  • What if you have changes to your move plans? It is very normal for changes to arise after your original quote conversations.  Ask how changes are handled within the company.  You want easy and flexible accommodations as it is very normal and expected to have changes along the way.  You want to verify the company you are choosing is flexible and accommodating.
  • Time to book: Our experience is that reputable movers in Northwest Arkansas book out up to 30 days in advance March through October. November through February is the typical slow season in the moving industry; however, in a growing market like Northwest Arkansas we have seen some of our busiest times during this supposedly slow period. So it's wise to book and lock in with a reputable mover as soon as you can get your move date set. The last thing you want after doing your homework on reputable movers is to find out they are all booked out.
  • Getting Booking Agreement in Writing It is in the best interest of customers and movers alike to have writen agreements in place for your move. Be careful and watch out for companies that are hesitant to send you move contracts in writing.
  • Pre-Move Communications You will be notified via email, phone or text 24hr prior to your move date and time.
  • On Time Arrival We pride ourselves on being on time and ready to help. If an unforseen delay happens, expect a phone call.
  • Greeting and Walk Through You will be greeted by the crew and they will request a walk through of your home to ensure we are all on the same page with original booking scope. If their are changes, no worries at at, it's normal and easy for us to revise your scope/estimate on our paperwork. After walk through a B2 Crew leader will request your signatures on our paperwork.

Price Transparency @ B2 Moving

  • Total Transparency Every estimate and charge is transparently itemized on all paperwork before and after your service is complete. e.g. Labor, Materials, Transportation, Full Value Protection, etc.
  • Published Pricing Online Our website prominatly shows our hourly pricing online. We know it's always one of the first questions that gets asked so we think it's very important to show and help NWA customers out in their planning process. We are in the business of pleasing our customers so we want to give them what they want.
  • High Side Estimates We like to give each customer the high end estimate so they can prepare and plan accordinaly. We understand we will lose business to our competitors that give low end estimates just to win the job; however, we believe winning a job this way is not in our customer or B2's long term interest so we do not do business that way.
  • Under Promise, Over Deliver Assuming no scope changes, we strive for every final bill to our customers to come in under their estimate. And if we can do this while holding up to our high operational standards, we know we have a great chance to achieve our mission of leaving a good name after every job.
  • $1,300 +/- On average, a 3-bedroom home will require approximately 50 boxes packed, including a mix of small, medium, large, dish packs, and wardrobe boxes. Our all-inclusive average cost for this service is $1,300 +/-, which covers packing labor, all boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and tape. Of course, the cost may vary depending your specific situation, we will always give you estimates of your specific cost before beginning the packing process.
  • How long does it take to pack 50 boxes? We see it taking 3 packers approximatelty 5 hours +/- to pack 50 boxes. The more fragile items you have to longer it takes.
  • How is the Price Calculated? Hourly labor rate * # of hrs (charged in 15min increments) + actual materials used e.g. box types, bubble wrap, paper wrap, tape. We count and true up the actual materials used at the end of each job so you only get charged for what's used.
  • $1,200 +/- On average, a 3-bedroom home will take 3 movers and one 26ft moving truck approximately 6 hours +/- to complete. Our all-inclusive average cost for this service is $1,200 +/-, which covers moving labor, moving truck, moving supplies (blankets, tape, matress bag protectors stretch wrap), and dispatch charges (fuel and travel time). Of course, the cost may vary depending your specific situation, we will always give you estimates of your specific cost before beginning the moving process.
  • How long does it take to move a 3BR home? We see it taking 3 movers approximatelty 6 hours +/- on average. This is the typical moderatly furnished 3BR with normal kitchen, living Room, and dinning room with lightly furnish items in garage, attic, and outside. The more loose items you have to higher the cost. We highly recommend before your move day to have all loose items packed into boxes to make for a faster move service and to save you money.
  • How is the $1,200 calculated? Hourly labor rate * # of hrs (charged in 15min increments) + Dispacth (Transportation and Travel Time).

Moving Preparation Tips & Resources

  • Comming Soon..... declutter
  • Comming Soon..... purge
  • DIY Packing tips and resources comming soon....