Professional Packing

We offer full service packing. B2 will bring the boxes, newsprint, bubblewrap, tape, markers and our friendly attitudes to get your home packed and ready for moving.

Gun Safe Delivery
How to prepare for a smooth packing experience:
  • Find a Trustworthy & Reliable Moving Company that offers Full Service Packing: How do you find one? Friends and family recommendations are always a great place to start...or just Google "Professional moving company near me" and review services offered on their website. Customer reviews can also tell you a lot about a company's packing services, so be sure to do your homework on that front as well.
  • Reduce and Eliminate: Save your time and money. Don't pay movers to move items you will never use again. Donate or throw those items away before packers arrive.
  • Pack Your Own High Value and Sentimental Items e.g. Jewelry, Heirlooms, etc: We recommend you handle and stow these items away before your pack crew arrives to reduce any confusion or misplacement. At B2, we do not mind handling these types of items for you as long as you declare them so we can create a highly specialized plan to get them safely through their move journey; however, we have found and prefer our customers handle these items if possible.
  • Decide how you would like your items grouped and labeled: When your pack crew arrives on pack day, they will ask these organizational questions during the greeting and walk through process. Be prepared to give them guidance on how you would like your rooms and items packed and labeled.
  • Final Walk Through: At B2, we will request a final walk through with you before we leave your home. Please spend this time with the crew to ensure we pack and move everything you require and that we fully meet your expectations.
B2 Packing & Moving Quotes - 3 Easy Steps:
  • Call 479-636-0612, We will answer and guide you through everything.
  • Describe and summarize your Packing and Moving Requirements: Rooms, items, Dates? etc..
  • For Packing Quotes, we like to provide a free onsite consultation: After we visit and walk through your packing needs, your customer representative will prepare and email you a detailed quote.
Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

Finding a reputable moving company with a great track record and top rated reviews is your best bet for a great move. B2 Moving is a locally owned, family operated residential and commercial moving company with 5 STAR Reviews. Our well-trained, professional movers will happily assist you in all of your moving needs.

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"Every job we do, we strive to leave a good name. Our highest honor is when our customers recommend us to their friends and family." -Jesse & Adam / Owner-Operators

If you haven't used us before, give us a call. We believe in exceeding every customer's expectations and we would love to earn your business.